In a study published by the ISSSEEM Research Symposium, listening to Plant Music while laying down produced changes in the body and a sense of calm, comfort and relaxation.

Results from LIVE blood test made before and after listening to Plant music, showed a significant improvement in the health of the bloodstream in areas of Rouleau, Fibrin, Platelets, Spicules and Protein Crystals.

ISSSEEM Research Symposium

My core wound of acknowledgement is coming up once again to be further healed and returned to love. And I’m finding solace in Plant music. This is literally the healing frequencies of plants that are ready to assist us. Plants are multidimensional, they are consciousness and they are radiating frequencies to us to align us back to our natural state, our true nature. The Essence of Love that we are, shining across the Universe.

Lauren Galey, Creator of Plant Music Remedy

Every song I’ve captured by the plants is different each time. The melody, mood and rhythm of the plant is unique for the intention and my state of being as I record every session. It appears the plants are responding to this while offering music to raise our vibration.

Lauren Ellis Galey – creator of Plant Music Remedy